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August 30, 2011

Dear Jacob X

Dear Jacob,

As your first birthday approaches, we are looking out for the precious moments when you take your first steps and say your first word.



You have been crawling, cruising, and walking while holding onto our hands for months.  When people see you doing these things—more and more steadily every day—they say you’ll be running all over the place any day now.  I guess that’s true, but even if it’s a few more weeks, or even months before you walk on your own, it’s fine by me.  Besides, you already dance like a pro, so who needs walking?



You make a bunch of sounds now.  You use different syllables, intonations, and exclamations to express yourself.  We think you’ve said “da-da” for Daddy and “ma-ma” for me (and even “daaa” for the dog you visited last week), but your language isn’t super consistent yet, and we’re not really sure if these things “count” as your first words.

As sentimental as I can be sometimes, and as much I want to keep track of these milestones, I feel like God has given me the grace to just be grateful with where you are, who you are, right now, today.  I think some people—myself included—may have expected advanced milestones from you because your daddy and I went to good schools, but while you have a lot of teeth, you are simply on par with where you should be.  You’re neither racing ahead, nor giving us any cause to worry.



Little Jacob, I loved you as a newborn, when you stayed where I put you and made the most adorable little sighs and coos as you fell asleep.  I love you now as a baby, when you laugh more than you talk and you get around your world as a four-legged (or two-kneed) creature.  I love you as you grow into a little boy, learning to feed yourself, following instructions, and continuing to bring your daddy and me more joy than we could have imagined.



I love you for who you were yesterday, who you are right now, and who you will be tomorrow.  This is as true now as it ever will be, and I hope you always know that.  You are my precious little man, and I love you with all my heart.

Love, love, love,

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