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August 5, 2011

Cutie Pants

A few weeks ago, I saw a poll on called “Is Your Baby Cuter Than Other Babies?”  Because I tell Jacob he’s adorable about seventeen times every day (John and I have discussed how stressing a person’s traits so much could be damaging later, but for now, he’s a baby and I just can’t help it), I clicked on it.


I found that 97% of respondents think their babies are, indeed, “way cuter” than other babies, and 87% “discuss this phenomenon with other people—like [the] baby’s dad.”


With this in mind, I took a look at Jacob’s older baby pictures, and thought that maybe he was just average baby cute.  We never compare Jacob’s cuteness to other babies’—we only marvel at his relative girth—but nearly every day John and I do talk about how darn cute this little munchkin is in his own right.


On further reflection, I do think he is just about the cutest baby on the planet.  As his mother, I may be biased.  On the other hand, he may really be that cute.  (Just ask his grandma!)


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