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June 6, 2011

An Overlooked Milestone

Watching our little guy achieve developmental milestones is by far the most extraordinary, life-giving, and joyful experience I’ve ever had.  I’ve said it time and again:  I simply love watching this little boy grow up.  Every day with him is so much fun.  New achievements are occurring with greater frequency all the time.  I hope I can hold onto the perspective that allows my excitement to outweigh pangs of nostalgia as he continues to mature.

I’ve observed that Jacob seems to find his crib to be the ideal setting for each new move he makes.  I guess that means he’s comfortable and confident there, which is just the feeling I would want him to have in his cozy bed in his loving home.

Among the things he’s tried out in his crib are:

pivoting (or creeping),

getting into a seated position,

and pulling up to stand.

Last weekend, Jacob hit a new milestone in his crib, one that is often overlooked, but one that I believe capitalizes on a number of motor skills and a good deal of cognitive development.  I didn’t snag a picture, so allow me to set the scene.  I went in to his room to get him after a nap, and as usual, I found Jacob standing at one of the crib.  The surprise was that his pants were lying at the other end of the mattress.  As proud as I was of him, I thought it might be some kind of fluke, the unintentional result of flailing around as he played and being momentarily fascinated with whatever that thing was that was covering his foot.

That night, when I put him down to bed, I finally put the pants back on him (hey, if he didn’t want them on during the day at home, who am I to say any different?  He’s a baby; babies don’t have to wear pants at home).  The next morning, when John went to get him, again he found the baby at one end of the crib, and the pants at the other.

I doubt this achievement is something the doctor’s going to ask about at the next well visit.  But in my book, it’s a worthwhile, and meant-to-be-celebrated day!  Go, Jacob, go—or should I say, grow, Jacob, grow!

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