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June 7, 2011

The Truth About Bedtime

To all the kids out there who are convinced the fun really starts after they go to bed (and who, I’m sure, faithfully follow this blog), I have a top secret, confidential, your-eyes-only message for you:  you’re right.



Your parents have a great time after you head off to la-la land.  As much as they love being around you during the day, taking care of you, playing with you, and learning from you, there’s something special about the time your parents have with each other at the end of the day.



In our home, it’s the time after negotiating the delicate balance between preparing dinner for John and me and getting Jacob into bed.  I thought the little man had a way with printers in utero, and now he seems to have an unnatural ability to get hungry right as the buzzer on the oven goes off.  Oh, the many talents of our little boy!


John and I haven’t had much of our evenings to relax together lately because he’s been studying for a big exam.  But now that the exam is over, we have more time to appreciate each other again, to get past the daily chronicles of Jacob, the news in John’s workplace, and the list of things we should do . . . sometime, and have conversations about books, movies, and life in general.


It’s these conversations that remind me why I married John.  In the six years we dated, we spent hours upon hours just talking, talking, talking, about anything and everything, agreeing on a lot, and learning from each other otherwise.  Now that we have a window of time to have these conversations again, I am reminded that there is always truth behind a clichéd phrase:  John really is the guy I want to talk to first thing in the morning, and the last person I want to talk to at night—after the baby has gone to bed.

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