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June 2, 2011

Bunnies and Moose

The other day I counted how many stuffed animals Jacob has.  Answer: Twenty.  For an eight-month-old child, that’s kind of a lot.  But after celebrating his birth, baptism, first Christmas, and first Easter as the only grandchild/great nephew in our family, I’m not too surprised by the number.

What does surprise me is that certain species of animals are represented more often than others.

Take the following chart:

You’ll note that almost half of Jacob’s toys are either bunnies or moose.  There are a couple of dogs and a couple of monkeys, but otherwise, there’s pretty much one of each animal.

Maybe it’s because we live in Brooklyn and our families are from suburban New Jersey, where seeing bunnies (and deer, robins, and turkeys) is a daily occurrence.  And a lot of our family and friends travel often to New England, thus the moose.

Whatever the case, one thing is for sure:  this city kid will be no stranger to woodland creatures.

March 24, 2011

“Solid” Food?

It seems that my little boy is not at all interested in real “solid” food.  He nurses just fine, and even takes pumped milk from a bottle.  But when I mix in just a little bit of rice cereal, so little that the discriminating young lady from “The Princess and the Pea” wouldn’t notice, this is what I get:

I am astounded that Jacob can tell there is something different in there, but there’s absolutely no fooling him.  And I know it wasn’t the spoon that caused the problem; that was lots of fun to chew on.  Those little bits of cereal were just unacceptable.

What baffles me is that so many other things go in his mouth without a problem:




and toys.

I guess I need to revise my definition of “solid” food.

March 21, 2011

Play Things

I think if I were a toy manufacturer, watching a child play with a toy I’d created would dishearten me.  Children, like cats (do the comparisons never cease?!) tend to find the pieces not meant to be played with and get the most fun out of those.

Some love the sound of ripping paper.  Others could spend hours, days even, with cardboard boxes.  Jacob has taken to playing with pieces of unadorned cloth, like bibs and burp cloths.  Often I find him chewing on the the tag of a specialized infant toy covered with black and white patterns and filled with squeakers, bells, and rattles.  What a silly boy.

The most fun lately, though, has come from hands and faces. We wiggle our fingers in front of his face or hold him up to our eye level and the fun gets goin’!



While he does tend to pinch, I love playing with him one-on-one, without some piece of plastic or plush getting the credit for making him happy.  I realize this phase is probably short-lived, but for now, it’s convenient and quiet . . . until he starts to laugh.



This week, my favorite thing about being a mom is the way seeing things from Jacob’s perspective helps me to see my world in a new light.



Even if that “new perspective” is often upside down.


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