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July 13, 2011

Books and Destruction: Or the Life of a Young Boy

One of the bonuses of working in children’s publishing is the unlimited access to free books.  Needless to say, once I found out I was pregnant with Jacob, I started gathering books for him to grow into.  I have a collection of board books, picture books, middle-grade and YA novels that have made a great start to our family library.

A lot of the books we have are beyond what Jacob can really understand right now.  Still, I read books at all levels to him—board books, picture books, middle grade novels, and even adult books I’m interested in.  I hear it helps with language development, plus I love to read.  And sharing stories with Jacob is clearly better than simply reading them on my own.

When I was pregnant, a friend jokingly asked me what I was going to do if my kid hated books.  I said s/he was going to have to learn to read, work hard at school, etc., but John and I intend to let our children pursue whatever interests them.  We believe it’s more important that children and teenagers learn to work hard, follow through, and manage their time than that they become award-winning musicians, all-star athletes, or even honor students.

But today that is neither here nor there.  The moral of the story today is that it is yet to be seen whether Jacob really likes to read books; the only thing that’s certain thus far is that he enjoys destroying them.

Dog by Matthew Van Fleet is an excellent book for young kids (so are his books Cat, Heads, Tails, and so on).  A simple, rhyming, and good-to-read-aloud text is accompanied by photos of all sorts of dogs, and every other page has something to touch or make move.  Any of Van Fleet’s books would be great gift for a baby shower, or even a first or second birthday present.  They are chunky and accessible . . . and recommended for ages two and up.  There is good reason for that last bit.

Jacob loves this book.  It’s clear that he’s a big fan of Van Fleet’s work.  However, it seems that some of my critical editorial perspective made its way into his DNA, because Jacob has begun to create his own dog from different elements of the book:

Perhaps this is the work of an abstract artist in the making.

That, or a mad scientist.  Only time will tell.

July 7, 2011

Teddy Bear Love

There are some things we know about Jacob.

He is active.

He is curious.

He loves teddy bears.


So perhaps we should have expected what happened the other night at our friends’ apartment.

Jacob saw that they had the same Pack ‘n’ Play that we do—complete with the teddy bear mobile.  Jacob adored these teddy bears when he was littler.  He smiled at them before he smiled at us.

Turns out, that pure, raw love and affection hasn’t died, and absence really does make the heart grow stronger, because before we knew it, Jacob was scaling the side of the playpen to get to the bears.


John's hand is not lifting Jacob up. It's only there to catch him, should he fall. Which, of course, he did not.


He climbs on me every day, and he’s even tried to climb up his high chair a couple of times (never to get in to eat, of course, just to play).  But never have we seen him so determined that he completely lifts himself off the ground.



Keep in mind, he won’t take even a step holding just one of our hands; he needs two.  When we try to let go of one, he just sinks back to the floor and crawls where he needs to go.  Walking?  No, thank you.  Climbing?  Of course.



Anything for those teddy bears.

June 24, 2011

Exersaucer to the Max!

When we first brought the Exersaucer (a.k.a. the UFO) home, Jacob was a little overwhelmed by it.


Soon, he figured out all the cool things it had to offer: lights, sounds, and the ability to bounce.


Once he started sitting, he began to see it from a new point of view.


And now that crawling has turned into a game of getting into a space smaller than you’d think such a big guy could fit, he’s found yet another way to enjoy it.


At least I know we’re getting the most out of his toys.

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