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July 22, 2011

Millions of Peaches

Do you remember that song?  By the Presidents of the United States of America?  Have I gotten it stuck in your head?  Do you imagine it will be there the whole weekend?


You’re welcome.


Okay, so the truth is, we didn’t have a million peaches this week.  We had eight from our CSA (a.k.a. community supported agriculture).  But I think Jacob wished we had about a million.  For such a Peanut, he ate more than his share (which is totally fine!), but it’s as if he were giving me a glimpse into the ravenous eating habits he’ll take up in adolescence.  Food comes in the door; food disappears into our ever-growing little boy.



To be fair, we did share a few between the two of us.  I’m really happy to see that someone has a new favorite food.  Finally one from the fruits and veggies group!  Yum!






Translation:  Peaches rule!


July 20, 2011

Before You Know It

I realize this sounds ridiculous, but sometimes it still amazes me that Jacob is our child and will be, like, forever.  Sometimes I feel like a little kid before God, but instead of a puppy in my arms, I have a child, and I’m asking, “You mean we get to keep him?”


Last week I was talking with my parents about plans for next summer, and I realized next August Jacob will be almost two!  He’ll be running around, telling us stuff, throwing food (gah!  I hope not!), having opinions, making jokes—who knows?  Ruling the world, perhaps?


It’s been said myriad times before, but it bears repeating:  it is incredible how much a person changes in the first year of his life.  To illustrate this phenomenon, check out these photos of Jacob the day he was born, at one month old, then two months old, and so on.


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Amazing, right?  I look back on the photos of him at three and four months and think, what a little chub!  And check out that receding hairline—thank goodness it came back in!


Next year so much more will have changed, in ways I can’t even fathom yet.  People keep saying, “Before you know it, he’ll be running all over the place.”  That’s true. And before I know it, he’ll be going to school, reading books (not eating them or rearranging their pieces), playing games, making his own breakfast, helping me clean up the kitchen, taking out the garbage . . . oops, I’m getting a bit carried away.


Seriously, though.  I remember one of my friends, who has a child who is older than Jacob, saying at one point, “Wow.  I don’t have a baby anymore; I have a toddler.”  Soon that’s going to be me.  Then a toddler will become a kindergartener, and then a middle schooler, a teenager, a college student, a twenty-something, and before you know it, perhaps he’ll have kids of his own.


All this “before you know it” stuff is not meant to be nostalgic or pining in any way.  The moral of the story is that parenthood—and really, life in general—continues to blow my mind.  I’m in the midst of a time when my friends are making their dreams come true—becoming doctors, lawyers, editors (!)—and that’s a kind of coming of age in itself.  And then here I have this little man, who is just on the brink of learning to walk, and I can’t help but see so many parallels between that stage of life and this one.


Physically, emotionally, and mentally, there is much to be done in that first year, but even in mid- to late-twenties, there is always more growth to be had, more change to embrace.  Before you know it, life can take you to amazing, incredible, beyond-your-wildest-dreams places.  And at any stage in life, what a blessing that is.


May 11, 2011

Are We Having Fun Yet?

When Jacob was somewhere around two months old, I remember a couple of people saying to me, “Isn’t it fun to have a baby?”  I smiled, nodded, and gazed dotingly at my little boy.  But really, I was thinking, “No, this isn’t ‘fun.’  It’s not as tough as I thought it would be, but ‘fun’ would not be my choice of words.”

Everything with Jacob was new to me.  I didn’t realize that it takes a month or two for a baby to smile, and another couple of weeks to laugh.  I didn’t realize how seemingly long it would take for him to simply look at me.  So while I know I’ve loved him since I knew he existed, even as a little Peanut in my belly, I didn’t start to have “fun” with him right away, at least not constant fun.

In the past few weeks, though, all of that has changed.  Jacob is still the most relaxed human being I have ever had the pleasure to meet, and he’s just about the happiest, too.  The other day he giggled just because we were walking down stairs.  (We live in an elevator building and I subsequently realized how rarely I climb stairs; I fear for my quads.)  He’s so giggly, so curious, so playful, that now I am having a whole lot of fun with him.

The warmer weather has only added to our good times.  We live near two great parks—one with a “Tot Lot” and one with baby-friendly swings.  The pictures will tell the rest of the story, but suffice it to say that over the past week or so, we have been having a blast.

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Happy baby, happy mommy, happy Spring!

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