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July 26, 2011

Junior Prom, Revisited

This weekend, at the wedding of one of my best childhood friends, I was reminded of why I love John so very much.


The wedding was held at the same church where I received First Communion and Reconciliation, and where John and I together received Confirmation and Holy Matrimony.  It’s the church where we met and the church where Jacob was baptized.  But as beautiful and reminiscent as the wedding Mass was, that wasn’t what brought me back.


It wasn’t until we got onto the dance floor at the reception that I was struck by what made me fall for my guy.  The DJ was playing a series of Motown-y-type oldies (my very favorite kind), and although there weren’t many people out there, I wanted to dance.  Other couples weren’t dancing yet; other guys really weren’t dancing yet.  Just my mom and a bunch of her (awesome) friends.  But because John knows what kind of music I like, we were on the floor as soon as our little feet could get us there.


All of a sudden, I was back at my junior prom—the prom I asked John to because we were kind of getting to be friends and I wanted to go with a date.  Sometime after dinner, a song I liked came on, and I wanted to dance.  I didn’t think anyone would want to come with me, and I wasn’t going to dance alone in front of my entire class.


I was surprised when John said he’d dance with me (yes, he was my date, but this wasn’t his school, and how many guys really volunteer to dance to a fast song?).  I was more surprised that I agreed, and then even more surprised at what a good time we had.  I guess we were both surprised and didn’t yet understand what kind of seed had been planted between the two of us.  It wasn’t until the start of the next school year that we started to hang out in a group of mutual friends more often, and it wasn’t until the following February that we became an official couple.



But something started at that dance, for sure.  For some reason, we were just plain comfortable with one another.  We could dance for hours, we could talk for days, and more and more we found that we wanted to be with one another.  The carefree, fun-loving, and love-filled nature in John that made that dance so much fun is the same spirit that made me fall in love with him, that keeps me falling in love with him over and over again.


No matter how many proms/semi-formals/weddings we go to, I know I’ll always have someone to dance with.  Isn’t that what marriage is all about?

July 21, 2011

My Home, the Office

Maybe it’s because I’ve always had a minor infatuation with office supplies (really, who doesn’t?), but when I was growing up, I was kind of excited about the idea of working in an office.  This was plenty before Michael Scott or Jim and Pam made it cool.  This was just me, my best friend, and the pens, paper, and old telephones our parents let us use to pretend.


I realize now that with the exception of my job at Borders, all the time I’ve spent working in and after college has been in an office setting.  Sounds super exciting, right?  Exactly the adventure a globetrotting college student looks for in the midst of her higher education.


Actually, it was.  From my school’s internship office to a couple of publishing houses, then a literary agency, and then another publishing house, I was always surrounded by people who were smart, funny, and passionate about their jobs.  And, of course, Post-Its.


Now I am happily discovering how my assistant positions in the workforce have prepared me for my job as stay-at-home-mom and co-manager of a household (apartmenthold?), freelance business aside. This post was prompted by the realization that my trips to Office Max are becoming more and more frequent.  While some of the items I’m looking for are for business-related, most of them are intended to keep things rolling on the home front.  Really, there is as much organizing, following up, and filing to do in a home as there is in an office.


For example, I have a plastic bin with hanging folders containing everything from medical and insurance information to keepsake cards John and I have given one another or received from family to forms we’ll need to file our taxes next year (hooray!).  I’m in and out of that box at least once a week, either with something new to file or to retrieve some tidbit of information.


Because I am internet-recipe-hunting obsessed, I also have a binder with printouts of recipes I’ve tried or want to try.  The OfficeMax trip this week was, in part, to purchase tabbed dividers to better organize the binder (check it out—aren’t they beautiful?).  For the first time in my life, I’m consistently using the three-hole punch that fits in the binder.  My room was always messy when I was younger, but now I find not having piles of paper all over helps to keep my brain on straight.  Having a small desk (read: room for only one stack at a time) has been a real help on the organizational/sanity side, as well.


As helpful as most of my office experience has been, there are some things I picked up that aren’t really applicable at home.  At my last job, I once (or twice) almost tipped a file cabinet on myself by opening both drawers at once.  Yes, I was pregnant both times.  Yes, I will blame it on being overtired or just too darn hungry to think.


Still, now when I’m putting laundry away, I’ll only open one drawer at a time, because I forget that in a dresser, more than one drawer can open at once.  And maybe because a little bit of me is afraid the dresser is going to fall on me.  Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about that occupational hazard anymore.


And thank goodness there are just as many uses for Post-Its at home as there are in a cubicle.

July 14, 2011

Somewhere to Lay Our Heads

One surefire way to test the limits of your faith in God is to apartment hunt in New York.

We knew we needed a new apartment five months ago, but could only really start looking the last week of June, because of the way the market works in New York.  Even then, barely anything worth seeing was listed before the Fourth of July holiday weekend.  We found something great within two days of determined searching—but it was two days of searching after five months of waiting.  Our friends commented that our search seemed short, but for me it felt like forever.

The search was a good reminder of how important it is to trust in God, how without that trust, life can easily take a downward spiraling journey to the borderlines of despair.  I was stressed and thought about virtually nothing else for a couple of weeks, all the while trying to keep in mind the same verse that came to me when I wasn’t sure my business was going anywhere:

“Observe how the lilies of the field grow; they do not toil nor do they spin, yet I say to you that not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these.”  Matthew 6:28-29

By God’s grace, I reminded myself to keep thinking of the lilies and know that God had gotten us this far, and He certainly isn’t going to stop helping us now. It seems that the good things in life are always the ones that come with struggles.  If that really is the case, then the anxiety suurounding this hunt meant we were in for something great.

We scoured a couple of rental search engines online for the first week of July—it’s really the only way to do it, we’ve found.  You can’t just use one realtor, because they may not have all the listings, and there’s always a chance that your dream apartment will be a no-broker’s-fee listing.  Plus, all the really good ones are snapped up in about twenty-four hours, so you need to be on your toes. If something’s posted for more than a few days, you figure there’s got to be something wrong with it.

As a token of our search, here’s a list of the apartments we saw online and didn’t even bother to view in person.

These all fell within our approximately twenty-block radius, had two or three bedrooms, and were priced within our range, which swung about $500 wide.

With these out of the running, not too much else was left.  Among what remained were the apartments we made appointments to view, only to trek there (with Jacob . . . although not at nine p.m.) and find no realtor, no phone call, no text message, no nothing.  Then there were the ones for which we didn’t even get a response to our call, or text, or email.  Frustrating!

Finally, we found it.  It wasn’t one we called about (called something like six times and texted once) because that one had an application in on it by the time we got a return call, but another unit that had just been listed.  We saw it as soon as possible—John rushed to Brooklyn from Manhattan once I told him it was a good one—and fourteen hours later (sleeping in between), with a just-baked banana bread in hand, we signed the lease.

Our new apartment is in a better location than I ever dreamed of—the good supermarket is at one end of the block; our Sunday church is at the other.  The good bagel place is right around the corner.  A fancy food market is just four blocks away, the little kid playground at the park is super close, and apparently it’s in a very desirable school district, should we still be there when we need that.  The living room and dining room feel like one wide open space, which we love, and the backyard (that’s right, backyard in Brooklyn!) is not only deeper than any other we’d seen, but it also already has a swing set assembled there.  Have I shared how much Jacob loves swings?  Almost as much as he loves beef.

Oh, and there’s room to grill, so double-win for J-money.

This week, I’m feeling like a lily.  God has cared for us, provided for us, and shown me yet again the awesome power of prayer and faith in Him.


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