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July 26, 2011

Junior Prom, Revisited

This weekend, at the wedding of one of my best childhood friends, I was reminded of why I love John so very much.


The wedding was held at the same church where I received First Communion and Reconciliation, and where John and I together received Confirmation and Holy Matrimony.  It’s the church where we met and the church where Jacob was baptized.  But as beautiful and reminiscent as the wedding Mass was, that wasn’t what brought me back.


It wasn’t until we got onto the dance floor at the reception that I was struck by what made me fall for my guy.  The DJ was playing a series of Motown-y-type oldies (my very favorite kind), and although there weren’t many people out there, I wanted to dance.  Other couples weren’t dancing yet; other guys really weren’t dancing yet.  Just my mom and a bunch of her (awesome) friends.  But because John knows what kind of music I like, we were on the floor as soon as our little feet could get us there.


All of a sudden, I was back at my junior prom—the prom I asked John to because we were kind of getting to be friends and I wanted to go with a date.  Sometime after dinner, a song I liked came on, and I wanted to dance.  I didn’t think anyone would want to come with me, and I wasn’t going to dance alone in front of my entire class.


I was surprised when John said he’d dance with me (yes, he was my date, but this wasn’t his school, and how many guys really volunteer to dance to a fast song?).  I was more surprised that I agreed, and then even more surprised at what a good time we had.  I guess we were both surprised and didn’t yet understand what kind of seed had been planted between the two of us.  It wasn’t until the start of the next school year that we started to hang out in a group of mutual friends more often, and it wasn’t until the following February that we became an official couple.



But something started at that dance, for sure.  For some reason, we were just plain comfortable with one another.  We could dance for hours, we could talk for days, and more and more we found that we wanted to be with one another.  The carefree, fun-loving, and love-filled nature in John that made that dance so much fun is the same spirit that made me fall in love with him, that keeps me falling in love with him over and over again.


No matter how many proms/semi-formals/weddings we go to, I know I’ll always have someone to dance with.  Isn’t that what marriage is all about?

June 30, 2011

Baby Knows Best

Our family has been out of commission this week with what turned out to be a completely draining and thoroughly methodical stomach bug.  (Hence the lack of blogging yesterday; Monday’s and Tuesday’s posts came to you via WordPress’s scheduling feature.)  It hit me first, and just as I recovered, John went down; just as he was on the mend, Jacob took a turn for the worse.  Thankfully we’re all back to 100% now, and as with any parenting experience, I was amazed and enlightened by a couple of things along the way.


The first is the kindness and generosity of my parents.  Thank goodness they live so close, and thank goodness this thing struck the week after my teacher-mom finished her school year.  When I called to tell her I was sick and to ask if she could come help with Jacob when John went back to work on Monday (or not), she and my dad instantly got in the car and she was ringing the bell before I knew it.  Sometimes even a mommy needs her mommy.


For two days, she took care of whomever was sick; kept whomever was not, well fed (and bathed, in Jacob’s case); kept our apartment clean; and with the help of what must be a superhuman immune system, didn’t get sick along the way.  I’ve always known my mom is an incredible woman, and I’m beyond grateful for how she helped us this week.  She didn’t flinch when another one of us bit the dust, and she did it all with so much love for her “babies,” as she calls us.  Once a mom, always a mom.


The other amazing thing was how Jacob led the way in caring for him when the bug bit him.  The day he got sick, he didn’t really want breakfast or lunch, and he took an extra long nap in between.  When he did get sick, we looked back and saw these were warning signs.  After he was sick, we were hesitant to give him anything other than water or Pedialyte to drink—according to doctor’s, nay nurse’s orders—but in the afternoon he seemed ready for some milk and sleep.  We followed his lead, I nursed him, he fell asleep, and he slept as he normally does until morning.  The next day, he led the way with what he wanted to eat again, nursing more than was normal, but I believe, getting everything he needed to recover.


As an aside, I wonder when we lose this certain sense of what we need.  John and I struggled to figure out when we should try some Gatorade, when we were ready for something more than soup, and so on. Thank goodness Jacob knew what he needed, because we had trouble determining what we needed for ourselves!


And finally, I don’t know if the antibodies from my milk were really that strong, or if Jacob inherited his grandmother’s immune system, but he handled the whole thing like a champ.  Besides about two hours the day he was sick, he spent the whole three days of apartment-turned-infirmary all over the place, like normal, giggling his head off.  He capitalized on the opportunity to play with Grandma, and he kicked the virus way before John and I did.


I’ve never been in the driver’s seat during a family sickness before—and I wasn’t entirely alone this time, of course.  I definitely learned how to keep my cool by following my mom’s, John’s, and even Jacob’s example.  I can only hope that I keep these things in mind next time around. . . . And that next time is a long, long way away!

June 20, 2011

Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, I am grateful that Jacob has for a father a man of faith, humility, hard work, integrity, humor, and most of all, love.  Watching John interact with Jacob sets my heart on fire with gratitude for how good God has been to me.  I love these boys more than anything, and I count my blessings every day.



When I was in the card store last week, I was reminded that Father’s Day isn’t simply about fathers in the stricter sense:  it’s about grandfathers, uncles, godfathers, and friends.  And I am so grateful to recognize that Jacob has people in each of these categories to look up to, to lean on, and to love.


Lucky boy that he is, Jacob has two incredible grandfathers—who love him to pieces, and four wonderful uncles—who are all living their dreams (entrepreneur, brewer, poker player, actor) and, in their own ways, being an example to him of how to be a good, strong man.  If that weren’t enough, he also has a godfather who is one of the most charitable people on the planet.


In the unique group of people we’ve come to call friends over the last year in Brooklyn, there are a host of new fathers who are advancing professionally in ways that require more time outside of the office, while still making family life (and our monthly wine tastings) work.  These are guys with perspective, priorities, goals, and the strength and determination to make their dreams come true, whether they are in the fields of architecture, finance, or higher education.


When I look at Jacob, I see the many things he might become in his life.  And when I look around him this Father’s Day, I see the men who will show him the way.



Thank God for families, thank God for sons, thank God for fathers!


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