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September 14, 2011

Apartment Photos!

You asked for it, friends.  A month and half into our new place, I’m finally ready to share some photos.  Welcome, and please come in.

Here’s what you’d see if you could walk in the door (little man included):


Then if you could turn about forty-five degrees, this is what you’d see:

And then a bit farther:

If you were really standing in my living room, I’d invite you into the dining room, where I keep my little desk, and Jacob keeps some toys.  And a sippy cup.  Always a sippy cup.

The art on the walls is courtesy of John’s brothers.  We love that we have a family museum.

I’d turn to show you our little (but workable) nook of a kitchen:

There’s more, but it’s tough to photograph.

And then there’s Jacob’s room, with all the fun stuff on the walls.  There’s an icon of his patron saint, Saint James the Greater, which Jacob’s godfather brought back for him from Spain.  There’s a pillow a friend gave him at his Baptism that says “God bless this little one.” (I love that!)

Then there’s some random fun-but-no-personal-connection stuff on the “learning wall”–number flashcards to come.


Above his bed is the rug my aunt made for him.  We have also one from our wedding in the living room.  Aren’t they pretty?  She makes them; she’s a rug hooker.  Check it out.  Cool stuff.  And finally, near his bed are a cross John’s family gave us at Jacob’s Baptism and a photo from the day, on which I had printed a quote from the Bible about Jacob.  See below for a close-up.  I love that, too.  Heck, I love all this stuff!



Kind of reminds you of the opening scene of The Lion King, right?  But kind of beautiful, too.


Out the window in Jacob’s room you can see the backyard and his baby swing.  All that’s missing is our room, but that’s pretty much just a big brown bed, big brown furniture, and a couple of hangings on the walls.


Thanks for coming to visit, friends.  Please stop by again next time you’re in Brooklyn!

April 28, 2011

A House or a Home?

Sometimes I find myself looking forward to the day some time in the future when our family will have a house to call our home.

Apartment living in the city is suiting us just fine for now.  We have plenty of room for three people (although it is incredible how much baby “stuff” we’ve accrued over the last year).  I love walking everywhere and using public transportation when going by foot isn’t an option.  We have easy access to museums, botanical gardens, and parks, all of which I’ve been able to patronize since I’ve been at home.

But still there are some things I long for.  I’d love to not have to pay for each load of laundry, or worry about getting to the machine to switch loads when a cycle finishes.  I also think I’d lose fewer baby socks if I were the only one using a set of machines.  For a time, Jacob had an incredibly mismatched pair of socks that he only wore to bed, because I was afraid people would judge my mothering if he wore them out.  At the same time, I like being able to do three loads at once, and get a whole week or two’s worth done in a couple of hours.

Another thing I long for is a cat.  John and I have agreed that we’ll wait until we have a house to get one, but I’ve already named him/her:  Gutenberg.  Like, for the guy who invented the printing press.  We’ll call him/her “Gut” or “Gut Cat” or, in German, “Gute Katze.”  I can’t wait.

One thing I haven’t had to wait for is an herb garden.  I wanted to set up one in our first apartment, but we didn’t have a window with enough light and a large enough sill.  Now, however, we have the perfect spot.

I may have to take my allergy medicine a little more regularly, with plants inside, but it’s totally worth it.  Let’s just hope Jacob doesn’t think so, too.

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