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November 23, 2011


I did the math, and 21.3% of my posts are labeled with the “Gratitude” tag. Honestly, I’m a little surprised at how low that number is. My goal with this blog is to express the reality of being a mother with an emphasis on the positive aspects, and when that’s tough, to learn something positive from what’s challenging me. I’m grateful for everything the journey has brought me thus far and for all that I know is still in store.


Clearly, though, I haven’t been explicitly grateful enough, so in light of this season of thankfulness, here’s what I’m grateful for this week:


  1. My family: John, Jacob, our parents, brothers and sisters, my grandma, our aunts and uncles and cousins
  2. My friends, especially those—both new and old—with whom I’ve been able to share Jacob and this new chapter of my life
  3. My faith. I don’t know how I, personally, could have gotten this far into motherhood without a belief in something larger than myself at work. Blessed Mary’s example as a perfect mother also continues to be an incredible comfort. (Do you ever wonder if Jesus had food allergies? Now I do.)
  4. My blog readers, who have offered me lots of encouragement and love this past year
  5. Stuffing and pumpkin pie, which are, to my mind, a complete Thanksgiving meal
  6. The fact that Jacob can eat stuffing this year and I can share my passion with him
  7. The fact that Jacob can not eat pumpkin pie this year and I will have to eat his slice, with whipped cream on top, if he’s asleep already
  8. Jacob’s belly
  9. Jacob’s dancing
  10. Jacob’s smile
  11. Jacob’s snuggles
  12. Jacob’s tantrums. Wait. No. Okay, yes: Jacob’s tantrums. I’m grateful that he’s growing up and I get to have an influential role in how he learns to handle the mystery of human emotion. Even if it does give me a headache.
  13. Advent starting on Sunday, which justifies watching Elf this weekend!


I could go on, but everything else I thought of involves pumpkin pie, so I’ll stop here.


What are YOU thankful for?

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