Hug Hummer

My very favorite thing that babies/toddlers do is give people things. I love when Jacob—or any baby—hands me whatever it is he’s got in his hand, whether it’s a crumpled, dry leaf or the credit card he’s just taken out of my wallet, whether he’s been carrying it around for half an hour or just picked it up, whether he wants me to keep it or intends to get in back in about four seconds. I just love that feeling of being chosen, like I’m in the inner circle.


So what does this have to do with this post? Not much. I just wanted to tell you that.


My number two favorite thing babies/toddlers do is give hugs, especially on command, and especially to stuffed animals. Jacob just started doing this a few days ago. So far the lucky recipients have been mostly dogs (“Da! Da-dee!” = “Dog! Doggie!”). His hug is an arm around the toy that brings it close to his face, and then he leans his head on it.


Sometimes, when he’s really feeling the love, he completes it with a contented little hum, like I do when I hug him. I know he’s my kid, so I’m biased, but let’s be honest. So. Darn. Cute.


He’s also started to hum along when we sing to him before he goes to bed. Sigh.


The little man may not use too many “words” proper yet, but he sure knows how to communicate his love.



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