The Walking Wonder

On Monday, I took an adorable video of Jacob walking. He was still excited about what he’d begun to do the night before, and he was giggling in that giddy way he has, like he’s having so much fun he might just explode. By the end of the video, he’d made his way across the room to me, and more importantly, to the camera. I stopped recording and gave him the camera. I’d seen before that he could handle it without damaging it, so I didn’t think much of it.

Until later. When I went to upload the video, and it wasn’t there. Little man deleted it and replaced it with two videos of his thumb and the ground, alternately.

We tried again later, and got some good ones, but the giggle seems to be gone. We’re hoping it will be back this weekend—maybe it’s more a daddy giggle than a walking giggle.

In the meantime, I did manage to capture the little dude walking, playing a piano book with his foot, and then going to his room. All in just over a minute!

Walking is lots of fun, for both Jacob and me. He’s a happier kid this week than he was last, although that could be because of teeth, or me not being stressed out, or who knows what else. I think a lot of it is the walking though. You know that feeling you get when you finally accomplish something you’ve been working on for a long time? I think he has that kind of high right now.

When we go out on errands or to the park, he walks out the door himself. Yesterday, he walked through all three doors and climbed the four steps up to street level. And at the park, he walked all around the playground, seemingly amazed at the new view he had on his world.

I’m sure this walking thing will get frustrating soon, when he wants to go places I don’t. But so far, everything he’s tried has been within his bounds, and a lot of the time—although we both know he doesn’t have to—he’s been holding my hand.

And if I have any say in it, it can stay this way for as long as he wants.

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