Another Year Over, a New One Just Begun

Well, friends, the war may not be over, but Jacob’s first year is.  We celebrated yesterday with a “muffin” and a new-to-Jacob play kitchen, but there’s much more celebrating to do this weekend with our family.  I love how often this little guy brings us all together.

I made a video of Jacob’s first year, day by day, but it was too long and I couldn’t upload the soundtrack because of copyright laws. Trust me when I say it’s awesome. If I can find a way to upload it, I will.

Just think cute newborn baby, baby with acne, baby with no hair . . . baby finally in some kind of position other than lying down, baby smiles, baby sits, baby wears cute winter hats, baby on his belly, baby giggles, baby crawls, baby sits, baby in myriad contortions and stuck in odd places around the house, baby stands, baby plays, baby makes a mess of various meals, baby smiles, baby smiles, baby smiles.

And imagine hearing the following: “Who Loves You” by the Four Seasons, “Baby Love” by the Supremes, “Seasons of Love” from Rent, “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys, and “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)” by Marvin Gaye.

When I scroll through this set of photos in reverse order, Jacob gets shorter, rounder, and eventually just sleeps a lot.  It’s like the The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (the short story, not the movie), only with a happier ending.

I guess this means Jacob is officially a “toddler” now.  Let the toddling begin!

2 Comments to “Another Year Over, a New One Just Begun”

  1. Oh my! Happy Birthday a day late little Jacob! I’m so sorry I missed his birthday! Hope all the festivities go fantastic this weekend =)

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