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September 8, 2011

Houston, We Have Contact

Earlier this week, I wrote about the trouble in identifying and recording a baby’s firsts.  As much as I watch Jacob, I don’t have my eye or a video camera on him all day, every day (although some days, when he spends a long time playing in his crib after a nap, doing things like this, I’d like to).


Although I was skeptical it would ever happen, over time we have learned which giddy giggle means he’s sleepy, which grunt means he needs to get down and play, and which whine means he wants more ham.


Communication is starting to go both ways, too. He dances on command.  He finds his water cup when I ask him to. He waves, though usually during meals and I’m not sure at whom.  And he shakes his head when we say, “you may not.”


Really, he shakes his head whenever he registers the word “not”—whether or not it’s directed at him and whether or not it’s been condensed into a contraction.  I know.  Our baby’s a genius.


Last week, after me feeling like a fool for four or five months, he finally offered up another avenue into what he’s thinking.  Do you see this?



It’s tough to see in still photos, but that is the sign for “more”!  Hooray!



The irony is that he did this just as he finished a jar of baby food—the last jar of that flavor.  Which means that we did not, in fact, have more.  I tried substituting something else, but he wasn’t having it.


Ah, well.  Even if he doesn’t keep signing, at least we can do this together:


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