Butterflies on the Brain

First of all, thank you to my mommy friends who have offered encouragement and Jacob-friendly food suggestions, in light of my posts earlier this week.  I think we may have just had a mini-breakthrough.  I’ll keep you posted as the saga continues.


Now, on to business.




Take a look at the photo below.  Beside Jacob gazing very seriously into his sippy cup, what do you see?



A butterfly?  Yes, indeed.  A butterfly.  The manufacturer calls it “Freddie the Firefly,” and we do refer to him as Freddie, but I’d say it’s a butterfly.  Freddie the Butterfly.


At this point, butterflies are an integral part of my daily life.  I have The Very Hungry Caterpillar just about memorized. “In the light of the moon, a little egg lay on a leaf. . . .”


I recognize that, as the mother of a young child, I am better versed in some of the simpler things in life than other folks are–things that are forgotten as more important matters usurp brain space.  I understand that there can be mental lapses in high-pressure situations, like being on TV (if you haven’t seen this, check it out, except if you’re somewhere where you’re supposed to be quiet and productive: http://youtu.be/Sv5woNs9WRE ).  I will even admit that I mistook a chipmunk for a squirrel in junior high–and shortly after I was named salutatorian of my class, to boot.


Yet recently, two random adults have–with total confidence–referred to Freddie as a caterpillar. Not a recently morphed caterpillar who is now a butterfly.  Just a caterpillar.


I was surprised but understanding the first time it happened.  I was kind of shocked when the scene replayed itself with a totally different person later that week.  Neither time did I have the heart to make the correction.  I figure, it’s not confusing Jacob yet (just me), so I let it go.  I nodded and said something like, “Yes, Jacob loves Freddie.”


Freddie the Butterfly.  Who has wings.  And can fly.  And for the record, is not a caterpillar.

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