Operation: Dorkify

The mystery of a child is that he is fifty percent his mother, fifty percent his father, and one hundred percent himself.

Considering John and I both look pretty ridiculous in just about any shape of hat, this must be how it happened that our little man looks downright adorable in anything we put on his head.  I admit, there is some mother-bias in that statement, but seriously, Jacob’s round face makes for a great hat palette, if you will.  Cases in point:

With the latest addition to the Jacob hat collection, however, I’m afraid we may have done some irrevocable damage.  Keep in mind, Jacob has fair skin (thanks largely to me) and a “stork bite” birthmark on his neck, so keeping the sun off his skin is a priority.

Full disclaimer: I confess I suggested this hat. John initially protested, but ultimately agreed it was for the best, despite the high probability of Jacob looking totally dorky.

Hmm, maybe not so bad after all.  And when you add some shades . . .

I think we can consider Operation: Dorkify a failed mission.


One Comment to “Operation: Dorkify”

  1. That hat is adorable!!! Operation: Dorkify is a complete and utter failure….he’s just too cute!

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