“Solid” Food?

It seems that my little boy is not at all interested in real “solid” food.  He nurses just fine, and even takes pumped milk from a bottle.  But when I mix in just a little bit of rice cereal, so little that the discriminating young lady from “The Princess and the Pea” wouldn’t notice, this is what I get:

I am astounded that Jacob can tell there is something different in there, but there’s absolutely no fooling him.  And I know it wasn’t the spoon that caused the problem; that was lots of fun to chew on.  Those little bits of cereal were just unacceptable.

What baffles me is that so many other things go in his mouth without a problem:




and toys.

I guess I need to revise my definition of “solid” food.

4 Responses to ““Solid” Food?”

  1. maybe he’s decided to nurse for the rest of his life? =) just kidding…I already saw it went better the next day =) What all have you tried so far other than just cereal?


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