Giant. Massive. Huge.

These are words that have been used, of late, to describe our bouncing baby boy.  Anyone who comments on his size, nay girth, be it pediatrician, friend, or random man on a street corner is amazed that our little guy is just shy of five months old.  Often, so are we!

Case in point:  Yesterday I dressed him in a onesie that Carter’s suggests would be worn by a twelve-month-old.  Ha!  We’re closer to twelve weeks than twelve months, at this point.

Anyway, because it’s Friday, and because I’m working on keeping the photos flowing out to you fine folks, here are some recent photos of our ginormous (but increasingly snuggly and oh-so-giggly) boy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mmmm . . . just makes you want to chew on a giant letter “b” and take a nap, right?

Happy Friday!


2 Comments to “Giant. Massive. Huge.”

  1. How much does he weigh? He’s adorable…the kind of baby you just want to snuggle with! =)

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