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February 11, 2011

A New Vocabulary

Being a twenty-first century parent means learning a whole new vocabulary.  Our entry into the parenting world over the last year has taught us words such as “baby wearing,” “tummy time,” “snuzzler,” “teething bling,” “Boppy,” “exersaucer” . . . the list goes on.

In an effort to keep ourselves entertained, we’ve added some terms of our own.  For example, the safari-themed activity gym in our apartment is known as “the jungle.”  The under-the-sea-themed one at my parents’ house is “the ocean.”  This week, we got an exersaucer for Jacob, which I hereby christen “the U.F.O.” (more on that in the video below).

With the arrival of said U.F.O., Jacob created a vocabulary of his own, too.  Its pronunciation involves a prominently placed tongue and produces an inordinate amount of drool.  But we (John and I) think it’s cute, so we wanted to share.

Say hi to my lovely friend Val!

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