A Month of Baby, a Month of Photos

Whether you’re counting by weeks or the day of the month, it’s safe to say that our dear Jacob is officially one month old.  I know, hard to believe for me, too!

The first three-ish weeks didn’t seem to go by too quickly, as there was so much to get used to (like typing with one hand–ha!) and he was still relatively little.  But I’m seeing him start to get bigger now, especially as I look through these photos from the last month.  Suddenly it’s all too clear that we have a crazy, wild, wonderful ride ahead of us.

Some of these photos are the same ones we posted two weeks or so ago, but now there aren’t eight of each pose, so I hope they’re easier to get through.  Amazing how you can try to scale down photos of your baby and still end up with a hundred and eighteen.  At any rate, enjoy!



One Comment to “A Month of Baby, a Month of Photos”

  1. lindsay, i feel like you might start to hear this a lot but…those are the most adorable pictures. always take 118 pictures, PLEASE!

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