Induction Duction, What’s Your Function?

It seems our “little” one has taken its recently bestowed nickname—Big, Fat Baby—to heart.  When last measured on Thursday, Peanut was estimated to be 8 lb, 8 oz., putting him/her in the 88th percentile for weight in babies of the same gestational age.  Or in John’s dad’s terms, that’s not a peanut; that’s a coconut!

Today we had another sonogram and visit with the doctor, and while the baby is just fine, it’s kind of big.  After a conversation with the doctor, a conversation with one another, and some time praying together, we’ve decided to induce labor.

For those not familiar with the process, here’s the game plan.  We’ll go to the hospital this evening and I’ll get some medicine that helps prepare my body to deliver the baby (I’ll spare the use of biological terms here).  Tomorrow morning, I’ll get other medicine to start or intensify contractions.  If by two or three o’clock tomorrow afternoon, my water hasn’t broken, the doctor will do that.  Then contractions will get more intense, I can get an epidural, and by tomorrow evening, should all go according to plan, we’ll have a little baby Schlegel in our arms.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for our family thus far, and please keep praying for us tonight and tomorrow.  We’ll be in touch again when we have more news on the Peanut.

As for right now, I’m on my way to the hospital with my best friend, so that we can bring home the newest member of our family.

4 Comments to “Induction Duction, What’s Your Function?”

  1. Congrats!

    8lbs. 8oz. isn’t bad for a baby. My third was 8lbs. 11 oz., and I had a cousin that was 13 lbs. when he was born…naturally. 8 is a good, round, healthy little number! 😀

  2. Love and prayers are with you all.
    Peanut’s Grandma (Glamma?…really?)

  3. I know you are busy but–I can’t wait for the next entry! Need more pictures, more stories, more more more of Jacob Paul!

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