Another New Addition?

Tonight John and I added a new addition to our home.  Something we’ve been thinking about for a long time.  And we’ve been waiting for just the right moment to bring it into our lives.

Seeing as I’m already pregnant, what could possibly require so much consideration, take such planning, and cause such a great deal of anticipation?

Did we finally find a way to grow that herb garden I wanted in our kitchen, until I realized that our kitchen doesn’t really have a window, at least not one that gets any measurable amount of sunlight?  No . . . Hmm, well then a puppy, perhaps?  No, we don’t really want a dog. . . . Oh, maybe a cat?!  Wrong again, my friends.

I am delighted to share that tonight, on this somewhat random Monday night in June, John and I have become the happy owners of a brand-new Nintendo Wii.

John’s family has a Wii at home and his roommates had one at school.  In my experience, it seems to me to be the most accessible system out there.  You don’t need to be any kind of a gaming whiz to get involved, and it’s a really fun way to engage the whole family (or the whole dorm suite) in a shared activity.  Honestly, I don’t know very much about the science or art of gaming or how the technological specs of the Wii stand up to other systems.  But I do know that the Wii is just about always a good time for whoever wants to play.  And that scores high in my book.

Due to some misunderstandings of cryptic non-clues about John’s Christmas gift this past year, he thought I had gotten him a Wii.  Oops.  Then he thought maybe my parents got him a Wii.  Second oops.  None of us were planning that, and that he might have figured that from my attempts to conceal my real gift (a day of skiing or snowboarding that we never did because we learned I was pregnant soon after Christmas), never even crossed my mind.

Since January, then, we’ve been talking about getting a Wii but we never really had a good reason to go out and do it.  For the past few months, John’s been studying for a big exam, so adding a potential distraction to the picture didn’t seem like a good idea.  The test is over now, though, and with John’s birthday and his first Father’s Day coming up in the next few weeks, I figured we should make it happen pretty soon.

Tonight on the way home, though, John suggested making a quick stop in at Best Buy before I even had a chance to put one of my celebratory plans into action—and with good reason.  The new Wii package comes with a new game and a new motion-making something-or-other that attaches to the controller.  Seeing as we’re going on vacation with his family next week, and will likely bring a Wii along, this is the perfect time to upgrade and have a new game to play.  That guy is a genius, I tell you.  Simply a genius.

So tonight, on a somewhat premeditated whim, we did it.  We bought a Wii.  Now if I can wake John up from his nap on the couch, we might have a chance to use it!


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